Custom Programming for SpeechTech

Custom Programming for SpeechTech

SpeechTech is one of our computer programming clients. We’ve been working closely with them for two years to continuously improve the quality and speed of their artificial speech technology through custom computer programming. So when you hear those voices on the train announcing your stop, speech synthesis experts and computer programmers from SpeechTech might be behind that.

“Gabe is a pleasure to collaborate with. He is approachable, professional, and a clear, efficient communicator. He carefully listens to our needs, offering thoughtful suggestions to highly complex problems based on a deep understanding of natural language processing. He is very thorough in his approach to work, and committed to creating a quality product. We highly recommend Gabe Murray and his company, Quality Fields Data Mining.”

– Marisa Monteleone, Ph.D., Research and Development Manager, STR – SpeechTech Ltd.

– Craig Dickson, M.A., President and CEO, STR – SpeechTech Ltd.

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