Your data can serve you and your business better. We offer results-based data analysis through:

  1. Consulting

  2. Custom Software Solutions

  3. Analytics and Visualization

  4. Generating Reports

Our core specialty areas are machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, natural language processing, data quality, and computational social science.  

You can find out more about some of our projects on our blog

Customer Testimonials:

“Our customer orders seemed to fluctuate in unpredictable ways. Quality Fields analyzed our data to find the trends and patterns in customer expectations, so we can better predict orders in the future.” 

-Paul Goerzen, BC Regional Sales Manager, HiPro Feeds

"Quality Fields has used their data mining expertise to give us new insights into our riders and their progress throughout the seasons." 

- Luc Arsenau, formerly with Cycling Canada

“Gabe is a pleasure to collaborate with. He is approachable, professional, and a clear, efficient communicator. He carefully listens to our needs, offering thoughtful suggestions to highly complex problems based on a deep understanding of natural language processing. He is very thorough in his approach to work, and committed to creating a quality product. We highly recommend Gabe Murray and his company, Quality Fields Data Mining.”

- Marisa Monteleone, Ph.D., Research and Development Manager, and Craig Dickson, M.A., President and CEO, STR - SpeechTech Ltd.

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